Errebielle offers its customers a wide range of furniture fronts, made using the most modern technologies and highest quality standards.
All products are customizable, adapting the design and finishes according to the individual needs of our customers and their various target markets. Upon request, it is possible to order FSC certified products. Our identity is built around a concept of satisfaction in seeing our customers making their dream furniture. Experience, technology, innovation, design and desire to grow are the elements that characterize our work and have helped us to build our reputation up to now.


Errebielle makes a wide range of solid wood framed doors, ideal for the creation of your kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. An almost unlimited choice of timber finishes and construction styles which can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

From the most traditional and classic style to contemporary and modern, with our wooden front panels we follow the evolution of taste and market trends, while remaining anchored in our roots.


A versatile product suitable for most customers’ needs. A veneered door is a panel (typically, MDF or chipboard) that is covered with “veneers,” which are very thin slices of wood.

The result is a product with a truly fine and appreciated aesthetic performance. The multitude of wood types and finishes that can be selected makes this type of front panel a winning choice for creating original and impactful furniture.


Materials and designs that look towards modernity. Errebielle supplies MDF painted doors for all tastes and price ranges. A wide range of doors with a contemporary flavor available in glossy and matte finishes, 5-pieces doors, smooth panels, CNC machined panels, or with various types of handle grip. We are always looking for new solutions and finishes and we can offer “soft touch”, metallized or mica effects for every need.